A case of self-immolation in Mordovia

A disaster occurred in Bersenevka village, situated in Mordovia, Russia. Alexandra Prokhorova, 52-year-old nurse of one of the city hospitals, set fire to herself in the bath house. The woman has not received her salary for a few months, as well as the other employees of the hospital. A few times she spoke about suicide because of despair. According to her neighbours, Prokhorova has always been in low spirits recently. Yesterday the neighbours found her digging a grave in the yard of her house. “Bury me here”, the woman said to her surprised neighbours, who were trying to calm her down and to make her change her mind. However they failed to do it: in the bath house she poured herself and her clothes with petrol. She took fire immediately and burned. According to police, it was difficult to identify the body.

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