Washington won’t have to wait long for Moscow to respond

Moscow’s response to US actions is going to be adequate: “50 US diplomats will be expelled from Russia in response to the similar action of the US authorities,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ivanov has said. As for the timing of US diplomat’s’ expulsion, Washington will not have to wait long, according to Mr. Ivanov. By the way, US Secretary of State Colin Powel has let drop a strange phrase: the American side hopes the issue will be closed at that. Well , as the poet said, “happy is the one who hopes.” Washington may have its breath taken away for its own audacity (or boldness – I which is more correct?) in the affair with the expulsion of Russian diplomats. Now, the Bush administration try to soft-pedal the affair leaving Russia in a delicate position. In its view, Russia has flooded US with its annoying spies, America is forced to defend its vital interests from the insidious Russia, with no sympathy being displayed from the world community. Still, Leo Tolstoy’s non-resistance theory won’t apply here,. and the Americans are going to get it. Condoleeza Rise, US National Security Adviser, also could not but express her view. According to her, it’s all OK, and nothing’s to worry about. “The question of Russian “presence” in the US has for several years been on the agenda, however the US views Russia as a “potential partner in many regions” and counts for a fruitful cooperation, Mrs. Rise is quoted as saying. It is really hard to believe. Al least now. If such habits of Cold-War times stay adopted in the US, what cooperation are you talking about?

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