Putin fails to observe the rule of the road

Movement of Putin’s cortege in the streets causes a lot of discomfort to the people of the cities, Sergey Yushenkov, the State Duma depute said March, 21. According to Yushenkov, the president has so many guards that his corteges block the street traffic for more than half an hour. Many people are often late for their offices and for the appointments. Yushenkov even suggested that the head of the Federal Guard Service be summoned to the State Duma in order to settle this trouble. However the President’s plenipotentiary in Duma Alexander Kotenkov explained that other establishments cannot interfere in the Federal Guard Service activity. Kotenkov also reminded that Vladimir Putin had many times presented his apologies to the inhabitants of the cities he visited, because of discomfort, caused by the President’s cortege. In many civilised countries, for instance, in UK, the high rank officials use the governmental cars, obeying the rule of the road, accepted at the state. Margaret Tatcher acted this way, her car has never neglected the road signs. But it was in the Great Britain, it is often rainy and foggy there and you cannot go fast. And Russians like to do things in a big way.

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