The goal of the Tu-154 hijackers was “to stop the war in Chechnya”

The bomb was taken on board the Tu-154 plane, hijacked last week after it left Turkey, by workers of the Istanbul airport. One of the passengers, Nadezhda Koshevarova, who took part in the ceremony of parting with stewardess Yuliya Fomina, said this to journalists. RIA Novosti reports that during the storm of the plane by the Saudi Arabian secret services in the Medina airport Koshevarova was near one of the terrorists. She said that a terrorist told her that he would explode a bomb which not he but workers of the Istanbul airport took on board the plane and received big money for this. Commenting on the storm of the plane by secret services, Koshevarova noted that it began with the pilot's cabin. All were ordered to lie on the floor after which the Saudi Arabian special task forces opened fire on the windows. Koshevarova has not seen the stewardess Yulia Fomina dying. However she reported that at the moment of the disaster the stewardess was standing between the first and the second cabins, keeping back a crowd of passengers, who were trying to run somewhere. Her last words were “I am a dead body”. “The Turk was shot because that moment he was trying to open some door”, Koshevarova said. Besides, she reported that the “tall and thin terrorist” was really armed with a knife or an axe. According to the passenger, the other bandit, “the old one” said that their main goal was to deliver by means of mass media an appeal to stop the war in Chechnya.

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