The exiled pretender to the Albanian throne, King Leka, who left Albania when he was two days old in 1939, stated in an interview to Reuters in Johannesburg: “Unless something is done, this is very likely to expand into a full-scale war similar to the one that we had in Kosovo. The Albanians in Macedonia have been discriminated against…We want our neighbouring Albanian communities to join the Fatherland and that obviously includes Kosovo, but not at the price of full-scale war with anyone”. The UCK in Macedonia went further, saying that any reaction from NATO forces would be considered a declaration of war, that Albanians serving in the Macedonian police or army should cross over to the rebels’ cause or face the consequences and in Communiquй Number 7, called on all able-bodied Albanians everywhere to join the Macedonian National Liberation Army (UCK). The German contingent of NATO’s forces in Tetovo reduced its number of troops by half as 600 troops fled the fighting, stating they did not have weapons to match the Albanians. It is known that the Albanian faction in Kosovo, UCK, was trained by British SAS forces and equipped and clothed by the USA. The result was predictable. Lord Owen, the British Balkans negotiator, said that he could see a future “moment when Albanians will turn on NATO forces”. Another British politician, former Liberal democrat leader Paddy Ashdown, compared the situation to Britain’s own recent problems in Ulster, claiming that NATO could become drawn into a prolonged war which it could never win. This situation was of NATO’s making and NATO has the moral and legal obligation to sort it out, not hide behind Serb troops as they themselves run for cover. Two of the UCK commanders now operating in Macedonia but based in Kosovo were trained by British SAS and Parachute Regiment forces. Commander Bilal is said to be behind the flow of arms into Macedonia from Kosovo, aided in the assault on Tetovo by commander Adem Bajrami. Both of these men are known to have been trained at the secret British training camps in Bajram Curri in Northern Albania in 1998/9, states a European Special Forces Unit member. However, it seems that the British forces at least have lost patience with the Albanians and are changing their policy. The British Armed Forces representative in the area, Major Fergus Smith, stated “The United Kingdom is not prepared to support Albanian extremists and we are liaising closely with the Macedonian authorities”. A local Macedonian leader, Nasko, said that this was the beginning of a Jihad against Christians in the Balkans and that Afghans and other Moslems were flocking to the Albanian cause. The local muezzin could do a lot to stem this tide of hatred by reading that noble book, the Koran, and quoting its honourable pacifist message, so often misunderstood by criminals who deface its name for their own selfish cause. Reading the Balkans history book, we can easily foresee the future: NATO will eventually turn and run, leaving a power vacuum. This vacuum will initially be occupied by the Albanians, who after Macedonia will turn north to Montenegro. Serbia will be drawn back into the areas it historically controlled, possible aided by its historic allies. The Albanian Mafia will have a tighter grip on drugs, arms and human traffic, the world will be a more dangerous place. One would immediately say two words to NATO : “Go home” and next time, stay there.


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