Does slum in oil prices represent a danger to Russia and USA?

Mass Media pays much attention to the question of the slum in oil prices recently. That is not a secret that Russian budget was based on the oil prices, which were very profitable for Russia then. But now they began to drop. To what consequences can it bring Russian economics? PRAVDA.Ru asked this question to RF Former Minister of Economics Evgeny Yasin: “Everything dealing this oil and slum in oil prices, has a bad affect on Russian Economics, though, it has advantages. It gives us a reason to take drastic measures to reform our economics. As regards gloomy forecasts, uttered by experts, to my opinion, two scenarios are possible. A great crisis, as it was in 1929, can break out in USA. But maybe an adjustment, caused by the extremely high rate of growth of US economics during the last decade, will be enough. I think that the second scenario is the most likely one. I don’t suspect that all the world will be involved in this crisis. As regards Russia, our quotation doesn’t play an important part in the market. It will be game, a training for our brokers, until we have a normal stock market<…>. In general, there is no danger to Russia if the oil price doesn’t exceed $ 18 for a barrel.”

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