Inhabitant of Siberia two times tried to steal a fridge from morgue

An inhabitant of the Siberian city of Omsk feels a strange affection towards a refrigerator of the city morgue. A few years ago he was arrested for the theft of the fridge from the mortuary. He served his sentence and was released… And was caught again while trying to steal the same fridge. The thieves got into the morgue in the night, shouldered the fridge and carried it to the exit. They broke all the medical equipment in their way, because the burden was too big. Nevertheless, they failed to carry off the fridge. Police found “the thieves from morgue” very soon, because the crimes of such kind do not happen very often and the circle of suspects is not wide. Now the strange robber stood trial again. It is still unclear why he stole the fridge for the second time. But there is the hope that he will tell it to the judges.

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