Albanians are run out of ammunition. The cease-fire agreement between separatists and Yugoslavian army is signed

Albanian separatists in the South Serbia signed an agreement to cease fire, which may put an end to the clashes with the governmental troops. Ethnic Albanians signed the agreement in their base not far from Kosovo in the presence of representatives of NATO. Serb party has signed the agreement as well. NATO representative in Balkans greeted the cease-fire as a considerable step forward, which will help to both parties to consolidate confidence in each other. The agreement is temporary. It provides for billeting of Serb army and police forces in the small sector of the buffer zone, serving as a boundary between Kosovo and the rest part Serbia, including the zone, bordering upon Macedonia. This forces should not allow Kosovo Albanians to provide weapons to their associates in Macedonia. After the agreement was signed, a militants’ representative said: “If somebody fires at Serbs, we aren’t responsible for it”. It is a statement of many meanings. It turns out that from the moment when the agreement was signed nobody can even suspect Albanians of attacks at Yugoslavian troops. Meanwhile a PRAVDA.Ru reader, who is in Kosovo now, reported at our Forum that Yugoslavian troops had entered the autonomous territory on Sunday. And the clashes of army subdivisions and Albanian militants continued without cease from that moment. The Albanians suffered losses in these clashes. The panic is growing in Kosovo: all the tickets for planes of Prishtino airport are sold out. Albanian separatists are very likely alarmed by the fact that Yugoslavian armed forces can return to the territory. Maybe because of this reason the agreement of cease-fire, rejected by Albanians earlier, saying that they had been going to fight to the last bullet, was signed so quickly, in such a harry. To all appearances, they are already run out of bullets.

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