Russians remain optimists

Russians look forward to the future, though consider that their living standard is rather low. According to the poll, conducted by Czech Centre of Public Opinion Research, among inhabitants of the Eastern Europe (Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania and Russia), 22 % of Russians believe in changes for the best, 15 % do not believe in them. Only 11% are satisfied with their living standard, 42 % consider that it is not good enough. Czechs are satisfied with their living standard more than any other inhabitants of Eastern Europe: 29% of Czech population are content with it. At the same, Czechs and Poles turned out to be the worst pessimists in the Eastern Europe: 27% of them are alarmed about their future, 14-16% look forward to it. It is a commonplace that Russians are the most resilient people in the world. And now they confirm this statement again, and remain optimists in spite of all the difficulties.

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