Kursk was wrecked by “Peter the Great”? The second act of the drama

Kursk was sunk by a missile launched from the Russian nuclear cruiser Pyotr Veliky (Peter the Great), Sunday Times announced. This report causes deja vu feeling: the sensation, which has already been “played up” by Russian mass media, moved on to the western press now. An unnamed admiral of Russian Navy, a member of the Governmental Committee for Investigation the Reasons of Kursk Wreck, said it to the British news-paper as a great secret. The news-paper reports that the officer refused to make his name public. The cruise missile, launched from the nuclear cruiser “Peter the Great”, during its manoeuvres in the Barents sea, straggled and blew up just over Kursk submarine, which was going up that moment. As a result of the explosion the underwater atomic-powered vessel began to vibrate, its torpedoes darted off and detonated. It caused the submarine’s wreck. As a matter of fact, this scenario has already been considered by Russian mass media. The only difference is that, according to the Russian press scenario, the missile blew up the submarine, but did not cause the vibration. However all of these statements sound like nonsense because an extremely strong power is required to make the submarine, which can stand an atomic explosion, vibrate and its torpedoes dart off. But for some reason, authors of this scenarios do not take it into consideration.

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