A heavy-handed raid by Russian secret services results in entire family killed, an operative crippled, while the targeted person escapes

A criminal drama is unfolding in the North-Caucasian republic of Ingushetia. Yesterday, in the village of Dalakovo, a raid was carried out by power ministries’ units aimed to detain Hasan Garakoyev suspected of kidnappings and belonging to criminal groups. Mr. Garakoyev’s home was stormed which was accompanied with heavy shooting. As a result, the suspect’s brother died, his 4-yearold niece was fatally wounded and mother was hospitalized with a breast wound. At the same time, one of secret service operatives, who took part in the raid, had his arm torn away by an exploded grenade - apparently the one he was holding. To crown all, the suspect managed to escape. As yesterday’s raid failed, the story is sure to be continued.

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