Edwin Tobbin refuses to co-operate with the investigation

The criminal investigation against John Edward Tobbin, a U.S. citizen detained in Voronezh, is to be brought to completion before the end of this month, Senior Investigating Officer in a district interior division Andrei Makarov said on Thursday. His co-operation with the investigation would be regarded as a mitigating circumstance, but "Tobbin won't say with whom he used drugs or to whom he sold them. He answers questions in English even though he speaks Russian without an accent and writes in Russian without spelling mistakes. As a result, interrogation sessions sometimes last four to five hours," Interfax sites Makarov as saying. On the other hand, Tobbin has a perfect right not to co-operate with the investigation and to answer questions in his own language, he admitted. "By Russian standards, Tobbin is being kept in comfortable conditions, with just two other inmates in a cell for four," Makarov said.

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