Macedonia: new incidents with Albanians

The situation in Macedonia, with the real threat of Albanian separatists occupying between a quarter and half the country, is becoming more and more real by the day. Yesterday, there was a gun battle on the border between Macedonia and Kosovo, between Macedonian soldiers and Albanian separatists, which already have a name “Ushtria Clirimtare” (Liberation Army) of Macedonia. In recent weeks, the tension has increased along the border areas, and villages inside Macedonia occupied by Albanians have been the source of increased conflict and instability. Pravda.Ru is the only newspaper to have alerted the world to this situation on a constant basis during the last months. This situation is the consequence that we forecast of interference by NATO in areas outside its natural zone of influence. Intrusion into the Balkans created the monster which is Greater Albania. NATO is responsible and the neighbouring countries are the victims.


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