George Bush confirms: the Cold War has ended, and we are not Russia's enemies

The President of the United States doesn't perceive Russia as America's enemy. This was disclosed to reporters the other day by President George Bush Jr. himself. The relevant ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile) proposals of Russian President Vladimir Putin amount to a positive break-through, Bush Jr. went on to say, also stressing that, in his opinion, such proposals confirmed the fact that the Cold War has ended, and that we are not Russia's enemies. We are peaceful and loving nations that should use their technologies for adequately responding to specific threats, RIA Novosti cites US President as saying. The Russian President has raised the ABM issue; and I find this to be a rather interesting fact, Bush Jr. went on to say. President Putin has started talking about the need to develop boost-phase interceptors that would make it possible to preserve peace; the United States considers this to be a certain break-through, Bush Jr. noted in conclusion.

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