News has just been received that US warplanes have again bombed Iraq, this time in the northern unilaterally-imposed “no fly zone”. Once again, the strange excuse of “self defence” was used. Guided missiles were used in this attack, many of them falling outside their target area, sometimes by as much as 90 metres. Iraq claims that three people were killed and 24 injured. The accusation of self-defence was reiterated by the United States, which claims that US warplanes had been targeted by radar and missiles. One questions how the USA would behave if a squadron of foreign warplanes flew across its skies. According to their logic, the US Air Force would not react neither should missiles or radars be used, because such action would pose a threat to the invading squadron. Let us now imagine that the invading squadron imposes on the USAF “no fly” zones and shoots down US planes flying in them, bombing anti-aircraft installations in and around the cities where they are based. Let us suppose civilians are killed and injured. Let us also suppose that the invading air force drops tonnes of radioactive material on the USA from its self-imposed fly zones and that future generations of US citizens are born sick, malformed or develop cancer shortly after birth. One questions whether the USA would enjoy the situation and whether or not they would consider it their right to fight back. Once again, and we reiterate the charge, the United States of America is guilty of international terrorism. Such acts are illegal under international law and the perpetrators should, and will, be hunted down and brought to justice, to paraphrase the words of President George W. Bush when speaking about the “brown paper bag” spy case… (The USA claims that an FBI agent was spying for the Russians, dropping documents under bridges and picking up envelopes full of cash…in 2001??) TIMOTHY BANCROFT-HINCHEY, PRAVDA.RU, LISBON

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