Party at American sub ended in the death of 9 Japanese fishermen

The world has been enjoying the new American thriller, which unfortunately took place in real life, for two weeks. The matter concerns the disaster which struck nearby Hawaii Islands. The US submarine rammed into and sank a Japanese trawler. 9 died as a result. It become known that 16 civilians presented at the sub. During their “pleasure-trip” they were talking to the captain, distracting the crew, touched the levers… It has been reported the other day, that the submarine detected the vessel by sonar just over an hour before the accident. But the crewman responsible for tracking nearby ships disclosed that he "was not able to continue" his crucial work because of civilians present in the control room and because of the noise (!) To all appearances, the civilians, who were delighted with the sub’s diving made this noise. Earlier John Hall, one of civilians who were aboard the American submarine, told journalists in details about the emersion of the submarine. The captain asked him if he would like to pull the levers to execute a rapid resurfacing procedure. He agreed to do it with pleasure. The submarine began to go up. A member of the crew, standing next to him, was holding the hands of the civilian to make sure, that he was doing everything in the right way. And after that the submarine rose out of water and “there was a very loud noise and the entire submarine shuddered." According to Mr Hall, submarine captain Commander Scott Waddle, said "Jesus, what the hell was that?", before looking through the periscope and saying they had hit a boat. In USSR, in the epoch of perestroika, an anecdote story with the words “Who has thrown the boot on the control panel?” was popular. This anecdote story was about a Soviet sub, launched nuclear missiles because of the thrown ammunition boot. Fortunately, it is just an anecdote. Such kind of thing has not happened to the Russian Navy. But it happened to the American one.

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