Communists’ idea to remove Kasyanov’s cabinet is doomed to failure. The hidden motive of the Ziuganov’s proposal uncovered?

All the basic politic forces, presented at the Lower House of Russian Parliament, have already responded to the Gennady Ziuganov initiative to pronounce a vote of no-confidence to Mikhail Kasianov’s government. And their reaction was rather predictable. Boris Grizlov was the first who rushed to the government’s help (he was supposed to do it as a member of pro-Kremlin fraction). The Unity fraction leader said that “the Communist Party (CPRF) again wishes defeat to its own government in its usual manner ” Communists have been trying to answer the question “Who is to blame?”. But without answering the question “What should be done?” such a statement turns into only a banal imitation of political activity, and it is populist by nature”, the Unity leader noted. The representative of Fatherland – All Russia fraction, Viacheslav Volodin expressed his attitude to the Communists’ proposal in the same straight-out way. “The argumentation about the pronouncement of the vote of no-confidence for the attempt to modify the budget in two months after it was ratified does not give us a reason to maintain the initiative of CPRF”, he said. The right-wingers’ statement was more detailed. “The current Duma is not a communist one”, Boris Nemtsov, the leader of the Union of Right-Wing Forces said. Therefore, “the government should not pay attention to CPRF’s actions”. “If Mikhail Kasyanov occupies a distinct position and turns from talks to concrete deeds, the resignation will not threaten him”, Nemtsov said. Alexey Mitrofanov, the depute of Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR) expressed his idea on the communists’ proposal. He explained that “it is rumoured that the president’s administration is working out a plan of removing some representatives of CPRF from the chairmanship of Duma committees and appointment of the Union of Right-Wing Forces deputies in their places”. According to Mitrofanov, the communists counter-attack in order not to admit their removal and to keep their positions in the parliament.

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