“Black Angel” in hospital ward

A 23-year-old nurse dubbed ''Black Angel'' by her colleagues because of the high death rates on her ward when she had night shift, has confessed to killing dozens of patients by injecting them with tranquilizers, police said Monday. ''Her last such deed was on Feb. 6,'' a police officer told The Associated Press. ''She admitted she had done this to between 30 and 40 people and so far she has identified 19 by name.'' The single woman, identified only as Timea F., lived with her parents in Pomaz, a village 12 miles north of Budapest, until her arrest last Thursday. The nurse often worked the night shift by herself. After the Feb. 6 death, the director of the Gyula Nyiroe hospital in Budapest, went to police. The woman joined the hospital staff in 1994. She told police she started the killings a year ago. Police did not give a motive mentioning that ''foul play was very hard to detect because she injected tranquilizers into patients already getting sedatives in their infusion and she'd stick the needle in the same spot as the infusion needle, leaving no other telltale prick mark.'' Although the drugs she injected were not poison and would not harm a healthy person, an elderly, sick person, can die from them.

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