Russia may unilaterally lift sanctions against Iraq

Russia should "unilaterally lift sanctions against Iraq," Dmitri Rogozin, chairman of the Duma International Committee, suggested on Monday, while commenting on US and Britain's forceful action against Iraq. The deputy believes that the subject of diplomatic settlement of the problem is exhausted. "We are deeply distressed by the recent developments and we will discuss this issue at the committee meeting," said Dmitri Rogozin. According to him, if "the committee members accede to the proposal for Russia to unilaterally walk out on the enforcement of sanctions against Iraq, the respective draft resolution will be moved for the house to debate." Dmitri Rogozin maintains that Russia's response to US action against Iraq must be "material". "The United States crossed the Rubicon, and its action was not motivated by anything," Rogozin said. He pointed out that the forceful action had been marked by "cunning", RIA Novosti reports. "The bombing began Friday morning, US time, that is Friday evening, European time, when the staff of all European foreign policy agencies had left to spend a weekend with their families, with no-one left to react," the deputy said.

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