The Belgrade authorities have decreed a day of national mourning for today after the attack by Albanian terrorists on a bus carrying Serbs. The attack took place in Kosovo on Friday, killing seven people, also wounding 47. Tanjug declared: “A day of national mourning will be observed after the tragic death of innocent victims of a terrorist attack”. This is the second attack of its kind in the province as the Albanian population starts to show its unruly nature and unpredictable behaviour. Such incidents were predicted by Pravda.Ru last year. Rightly, we predicted that in interfering in Kosovo, NATO has inadvertently let King Kong out of his cage and the first countries to suffer will be western Europe. Centuries of Balkans history had tried to confine the Albanians into their stronghold behind the mountains. NATO, in one fell swoop, altered the balance of power in the region in which only fools dare to venture. NATO is proving totally useless in controlling the Albanians in Kosovo, as this population becomes more and more unruly by the day. A leader of the National Serbian Council in Kosovska Mitrovica, Oliver Ivanovic, asked for the resignation of the Italian Commander-in-Chief of Kfor, General Carlo Cabigiosu. “Cabigiosu should resign and if he does not, NATO should force him to and nominate a general who is capable of guaranteeing the protection of the non-Albanian population in Kosovo”, he stated. It will not be long before the Albanians start to attack NATO forces themselves. Any retaliation by NATO soldiers will start the centuries-old Bessa, an Albanian blood vendetta. This Bessa means that all the members of a family of one who killed the aggrieved family’s member, must be killed. The classical Albanian method of killing is a bullet in the middle of the face, disfiguring it, so that it cannot be shown at the funeral. One wonders how prepared NATO soldiers are for this. Well, they started it.


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