The illegal bombing raids on Baghdad have caused casualties in civilians. It is officially announced from Baghdad that two civilians, a man and a woman, have died and twenty have been seriously injured. The reason for these attacks was somewhat dubious: Iraq had acquired some sophisticated Anti-Aircraft equipment. Given that the USA claims to have sophisticated equipment, maybe some justification for this would be valid, because if other countries are not allowed to have sophisticated systems of defence, why should the USA also be allowed to have them? Why should the USA be allowed to build the SDI system in space if they complain about Iran, Iraq (both of which they supplied with arms until it was considered expedient to “clip the wings” so as to sell a new line of equipment) and North Korea? What will happen tomorrow ? Will the USA demand that Russia, Britain, France and China hand in their weapons of mass destruction, or else be bombed?? Where is this going to end? It would be better for the Pentagon to reconsider very seriously the external action of the USA because there is no such thing as a world policeman, there never was and never will be. Nobody is any longer prepared to accept the arrogance of an ignorant bully. Anyway, what great cultural advantage is the USA going to export? Given that they build their SDI system against a non-existent nuclear attack (maybe from Mars), what do they hope to achieve? Cultural dominance? Against whom? We may take Iraq as an example. Baghdad is a city which has a cultural heritage equal to that of Alexandria or Jerusalem. This city is thousands of years old, dating back to the civilization of Ur, thousands of years before Greeks or Romans appeared on the scene, thousands of years before the first settlers in the USA, and the first US citizens, performed the greatest atrocities in the history of human rights…crimes against humanity, racial discrimination, war crimes…the treatment of the native Indians makes Hitler look like a kind old uncle. An ignorant, belligerent regime, such as the United States of Mr. Bush (Junior), controlled by Mafia-style groupings decides that, since oil is the main player in the world’s economy, and since 30% of the world’s oil is situated in the Gulf, it would be expedient to enter the arena. That is the reason behind today’s bombing. It was the same in the time of his father, it was the same in Kennedy’s time and it has always been the same. The USA is full of very nice individuals, run by a bunch of hoods. Its military equipment is technologically advanced but as so often, when a country is run by “mentally advanced” cliques, the technology is only as good as the mentality which controls it. It is not surprising to read that President Saddam Hussein has decided to launch an all-out attack on Americans by the “Arab people…on land, on the sea or in the air”. However much one detests violence, one has to admit that the arrogant, condescending bullying of lobbies within the House of Congress and behind the Senate dictates world policy and one has to admit that to combat this state of affairs, there is a need to use the same treatment for the same illness.


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