Flame-throwers believed to have been stationed on Russian-Ukrainian border to bust pernicious pest

As Pravda.ru has already reported, a mass concentration of gluttonous insects was recently spotted in southern Russia’s Donetsk Region, bordering Ukraine. The beetles have been identified by now as belonging to one of species rather well known to science. It is unusually warm winter that has waken the insects up ahead of schedule, scientists say. However, they provide no explanation to such a huge concentration of the beetles in this particular area. Army units are involved in fighting the pest. The insects are being burnt using gasoline, squashed with caterpillars, but all this is proving insufficient. Locals living in the nearby village of Marinevka start to panic. Rumours are circulating of the pernicious beetles’ victims and of flame-throwers being stationed on the border to prevent the beetles from spreading onto the Russian territory. Pravda.ru is closely following the development.

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