Mutant Beetles, attacked Ukraine, are not identified already announced yesterday that unknown insects had been discovered in the Donetsk region of Ukraine. Large beetles spread in the large area, annihilating all the vegetation in their way. Soldiers, rescuers and workers of sanitary service tried to stop the expansion of the insects. They achieved a success: the insects were annihilated. The origin of the mutant beetles is still unknown. Three possible centres of their spread are annihilated. These are a garbage site of the nearest settlement and two haystacks. The primary results of the examination of the insects were announced. Three laboratories have been carrying out the research work at the same time. The insects were classified as soil saprophytes, that is to say, they eat dead organic substances, contained in the soil. Thus the mutant beetles do not represent any danger to human beings. Additional laboratory examinations will help to determine which factor provoked the appearance of the insects.

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