Dead Sailor’s mother demands 2 million roubles from the state

An unprecedented lawsuit has been taken on by one of the courts in the Siberian city of Omsk. A woman claims Rbs2m (some $70,000) damages from the state. 2,5 years ago, his son, Denis Bochanov, was killed while on duty aboard one of nuclear submarines at Russia’s Northern Fleet by his fellow-sailor Aleksandr Kuzminykh - subsequently declared mentally ill. After killing Denis, the latter shot 7 more sailors to death and then barricaded himself in a torpedo section of the sub trying to blow up the torpedoes. When he failed to, he killed himself. According to the Echo Moskvy radio, Denis’s mother accuses the state and the military unit’s command of her son’s death. Should she win the lawsuit, a series of those filed by dead soldiers’ parents may well follow.

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