Australia: Computer virus on rampage

A new email computer virus that entices users with a free picture of the tennis star Anna Kournikova has already hit an estimated 50,000 Australians and infected 15 corporations. The new virus comes with "Here you have, ;o)" in the subject. The body of the e-mail says "Hi: Check this!" and appears to contain an attachment labelled "AnnaKournikova.jpg.vbs" that purports to be a picture of the tennis star, but is actually a malicious virus. When users of Microsoft Outlook email software open the attachment, the virus infects their computers and sends itself to every name in the users' address book. At least fifteen corporations in Australia had been hit severely, including a leading retailer, an information technology firm and several non-profit organizations. The virus uses a so-called worm to spread, similar to the Love Bug virus, which infected an estimated 15 million computers and sent servers crashing around the world after unsuspecting people opened an e-mail with "I Love You" on its subject line.

Henry L. Marconi Pravda.Ru Sydney, Australia

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