Militants wanted to cut off Gluck’s head

The adventures of the director of the North Caucasus mission of Doctors Without Borders Kenneth Gluck go on. He is in Moscow now. has already announced, that yesterday the American told journalists about his adventures at the hot spot. The sensational words of Gluck that the militants had apologised to him by saying that it had been a mistake, had washed and had ironed his shirt, were many times repeated by Mass Media. Today Russian President’s aide Sergey Yastrzhembsky disproved these words. According to his information Kenneth Gluck was in captivity, but not in resort conditions. The militants even wanted to cut off his head. ``His life was literally hanging by a hair,'' Yastrzhembsky said, Gluck “was threatened with the sad fate of the beheaded English hostages.'' However it is impossible to confirm or disprove these opposite views. It will be recalled that for the time being nothing is known about the operation, conducted to realise the American. Telling astonishing things about Chechen captivity, Gluck cites his own observations. Disproving Gluck’s words, Yastrzhembsky cite the information, received by radio intercept. It is still kept in secret who and with whom held talks about Gluck. However that may be, Yasterzhembsky’s scenario seems to be more likely. It is difficult to believe in altruism of Chechen militants. There is another strange thing about “Gluck’s case”. It was announced that he had been released as a result of a special operation. But there are no losses of federal forces. Nothing was reported about militants’ losses either. The kidnapers were not detained. Thus it looks like Gluck was just delivered up, and maybe, for ransom. Perhaps, it was the topic of the negotiations, mentioned by Yasterzhembsky.

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