According to the refined information, 14 persons were hurt as a terrorism in Moscow yesterday. Additional security measures are taken in the city

Additional security measures are taken in Moscow. learned from the source in the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow that all the essential establishments of the city, industrial plants, traffic, metro stations and the crowded places were taken under the intensified guard. Passport control in the streets of the city is intensified as well. Nevertheless police is not switched to the special order of work, which used to be valid after the explosions of block-of-flats in Autumn 1999. Meanwhile the interrogation of the fact of yesterday’s explosion in Belorusskaya metro station goes on. Representatives of law-enforcement agencies withhold comments on the accident. It is only known that there was a self-made bomb, 200 grams of TNT in power, in a bag under one of the benches of the platform. To all appearances, the bomb was supplied with a clockwork. The explosion sounded at 18:52 Moscow Time, during the rush hours. At the moment of the explosion a train has just approached the platform, and a crowd of passengers went out of the train. Fortunately, the marble bench took almost all the power of the explosion upon itself. The marble slab didn’t split up. According to experts, otherwise much more people could suffer. Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov, who visited the site of occurrence, uniquely estimates the accident as an act of terrorism. Employees of law-enforcement agencies share this opinion. According to the latest information, 14 persons suffered injuries as a result of the act of terrorism. There are no any severe wounds. Most of them got bruises and cushy wounds. Not all of them asked for medical care at once. 5 persons called the ambulance in the night.

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