In the manic scenario which is the European Union today, the news that Mad Cat Disease officially exists does not surprise anyone. 87 cases of the cat variant of BSE (mad cow disease) have been confirmed in the United Kingdom. Miauw! These cases were almost certainly due to owners feeding cats with tinned pet food, which was made using parts of cows that were infected. These figures were confirmed by Rikke Hoff-Joergensen, who works for a Danish serology institute, providing studies for the pet food company, Arovit Petfood, which has seen its sales of tinned dog and cat food slump recently. Fears are now that dogs are at risk. As ludicrous as this information may seem, it underlies an extremely serious problem: how much infected meat entered the public food chain in the last two decades? How many people are walking time bombs, waiting for the effects of the human variant of the disease, nv Creuzfeld Jacob Disease, to appear in symptoms? (Jerking limbs, behavioural change, extreme aggressiveness and motor symptom degeneration). Germany has announced that it is to kill 400,000 cows by March as the EU figures total 2 million animals to be slaughtered. The cost is so high that Franz Fischer, the European Commissioner for Agriculture, stated this week that the EU has no funds to finance the slaughter and compensation to beef farmers. So serious is this crisis, says Herr Fischer, that the Mad Cow crisis could have negative effects on the Euro. He stated that the EU is to approve an additional 971,000,000 Euros to its original budget to help cope with the effects of BSE on the European beef market. We stress “additional” because the original budget is as yet unknown. The scenario is complete for some play of the absurd. If your canary starts to moo like a cow, if your dog starts to miaow and if your cat starts to bark, you know what the problem is: they have been infected by the EU’s ridiculous programme of creating artificial protein feed, using pulverised cows’ brains and bones, feeding this to cows (herbivores) and then recycling their meat in other foodstuffs. If the mentally advanced idiot who even thought of this plan would please step forward, I have the first egg to throw because my parrot has just told me it is really a butterfly!


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