Recent incidents in Kosovo unfortunately confirm the fears expressed in these pages in recent months that NATO had made a fatal mistake in arrogantly interfering in a region about which its leadership understands nothing. Quite predictably and totally in line with situations where ignorance and false superiority complexes come into play with a natural evolution of events, unconsciously blocking natural processes of development while simultaneously fomenting potentially dangerous unnatural procedures, NATO has created a monster in the Balkans. This monster is called Greater Albania. As predicted, the Albanians (if such a people exist, for they call themselves the “eagle people, Shqiptare”) have poured out of Albania into Kosovo. Then, as predicted, Kosovo was not enough for them and the new pretensions are the Presevo region in southern Serbia. Now, as predicted, the “eagle people” want half of Macedonia as well. Tomorrow, as predicted, and one only has to read back issues of Pravda.ru, Montenegro will be involved. This process seems more like an octopus than an eagle. The monster now rears its head and fearlessly, Albanians attack NATO troops. Grenades were thrown into the middle of twenty French troops, creating various victims with serious wounds. This is not the first time that hundreds of Albanians converge on NATO or UNO forces. This time, the clash was in Mitrovica, a town divided between Serbs in the north and Albanians in the south, either side of the river Ibar. The French are perceived to be pro-Serb and the reaction of the Albanians has been, typically, to wreak chaos. As more and more Albanians in the area decide an attitude of “I hate the French”, a UN source confirms the seriousness of the situation. “The Albanians are furious with the French and the battle does not look like it is over yet”. Ask any NATO leader, military or civilian, what is the BESSA, and the answer will be ignorance or probably a brand of local brandy. In fact the BESSA is an ancient Albanian vendetta, continuing through the centuries, a situation in which two warring factions are permanently pledged to eliminate the other, totally and definitively, even if this means killing all the members of the other faction, over several generations. As the French are having problems in northern Kosovo, so are the British and American troops on the Serbian border in the area of Presevo, where they are intercepting more and more Albanian guerrillas bent on sowing destruction and murder in southern Serbia. Quite how long NATO intends to stay in the area is an open question. What is certain is that one day, sooner or later, they will tire of being in the area once political entities at home see the respective press reports putting pressure on governments to take their troops out of a hostile and foreign environment (one in which they should never have ventured). Another question is what NATO will leave behind… apart from toxic environmental devastation. A political omelette, with all ingredients thrown in at random, dot NATOcom.


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