Moscow is seriously concerned by US war games conducted a few days ago imitating use of anti-satellite weaponry, strategic ABM systems, and land-based lasers to hit space targets. Star War games of that kind cannot but arouse grave concern, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs press and information department says in a statement. The US has given a priority status to a new military strategic domain, which aims to torpedo the 1972 ABM treaty -despite its crucial importance for strategic stability - and to rapidly militarize the space, which may thereby become a theatre of war. Such prospects threaten international security with tremendous danger, warns Moscow. "We again call on the US to join the absolute majority of the world's countries for the implementation of the only reasonable alternative, that is, to continue nuclear disarmament, prevent an arms race in space, develop international legal norms to keep the space clean of whatever weapons, and step up partnership for peaceful space efforts," says the statement as cited by RIA Novosti. The above list offers the stance with which Russia will appear at an international conference to prevent militarization of space to be held in Moscow in April.

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