Serviceman, escaped from his military unit, killed and tried to eat a civilian welder

A soldier, escaped from his military unit at Chita region, Russia, was discovered not far from his unit location, in one of the flats of wooden barrack. The body of the owner of the flat was found in the basement of the house. When the soldiers saw the body, their hair stood on end… After his escape the soldier had been living for three days in the basement of the tumbledown two-storeyed outhouse, under the flat of the welder of his unit. He was eating almost nothing, was freezing all the time and was staying in the complete darkness. Once the owner of the flat came home drunken and went to sleep immediately. The hungry and freezing soldier tried to use this chance. He broke off a few battens of the floor and made his way to the flat. He did not find anything eatable in the kitchen and was going to return to his “abode” when he touched the welder by chance, and the man woke up. The fight began. The soldier stabbed the welder with a kitchen-knife a few times, then mauled him and throttled with a clothes-line. After that he went to sleep on the same bed with the dead body of the master of the flat, Versti reports. The next day the soldier was so hungry that he cut off a piece of meat of the dead man’s leg and boiled it in a mug. But he did not like the taste. He tried to salt the meat, but failed to eat it. When the dead body began to decay, he took it to the basement. The deserter was found and captured soon. Military prosecutors interrogate his case.

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