The NATO site on the Internet is at best a shame and a disgrace and at worst the confirmation that the rest of the world is unfortunately forced to come to terms with: the benevolent air of the perpetrators of the new world order is buried beneath sham, lies, irresponsibility, racism, jingoism and basically, the worst elements of post-fascist western decadence in the last half century. The latest insult makes one almost physically sick to read it is NATO’s site on the Internet. If it is intended to show NATO’s openness, then we thank NATO entirely for its new policy of cooperation. Upon close examination, unfortunately, the smiles drop and give rise to incredulity. This site is NATO’s worst nightmare, elaborated by NATO itself. The more one reads, the more incredible the inefficiency and disorganisation of NATO becomes. Let us then read this site… Interesting! Attacks were made by NATO on 11th June, 1999 in Kosovo…one day after Javier Solana decreed the end to hostilities. Civilised and developed nations do not attack others after the date of a ceasefire. To do so is a war crime. NATO apparently performs such acts – it is on their website, evidence provided by NATO. The imagination boggles at the story NATO will invent to get out of this one…it is in their own site. Stand by everyone for the “Sorry, it was a typing error” story. NATO sources now state that the respective attacks mentioned in the site actually happened on another date, but this date has yet to be defined. Lee McClenny, NATO spokesman, stated that NATO does not have information systems adequate for this type of data storage. No comment. Pravda.Ru was one of the first journals in the world to take up the story of NATO atrocities in the Balkans and from the beginning, our number for depleted uranium projectiles used in Kosovo has been constant: 31,000. The NATO report states that 30,523 were used but then beside the 23 attacks made, the initials “UNKWN” (unknown) is written. Did NATO, of did NATO not, know the real number of DU weapons used in Kosovo? Apparently not. Regarding attacks numbered 108, 109 and 110, NATO gives the coordinates for the attacks but does not know the number of projectiles launched with depleted uranium. Neither is the date given…UNKWN. NATO’s coordinates do not correspond to an exact localization, apparently, only an “approximate” one. So that explains the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. NATO likes to bomb “more or less” within the adjacent area…NATO loves to invoke international agreements when it decides to increase arms sales among its member states when there is an economic crisis, or rather, when it decides to unilaterally attack a sovereign state for whatever reason (Yugoslavia) – or create the conditions for a sovereign state to act in such a way that it will be attacked (Iraq). The Geneva Conference document is often used by NATO but how many times has NATO violated the conditions of this document? This practice of providing approximate coordinates is indeed a result of launching bombing raids from altitudes which are out of the reach of most conventional missiles; NATO bombing runs are performed by the USAF (high runs) and by the British Royal Air Force (low runs). These are much more risky but since the UK insists on running after and trying to please its former colony, this is the price it pays. Italy requested from NATO information about attacks in Bosnia in 1994/5 but NATO is not able to provide information about the number of attacks, coordinates or number of munitions used. We have already seen that they do not have the means for this type of information. No comment. NATO, however, states that it is looking for more information about its actions five years ago and will later inform the Italians. No comment. For an organisation which prides itself on being the defender of the human species against oppression, for an organisation representing those nations which proclaim themselves as “first world” and for an organisation composed of the majority of the G8 countries, NATO is a total disgrace. NATO is an abomination, a vestige of fascism, run by crypto-fascists, who are 50 years out of date. NATO thinks it can fly around the world, killing illegally, destroying civilian structures (collateral damage), polluting large tracts of terrain with toxic or radioactive weapons. NATO is digging its own grave and the world is no longer prepared to sit back and swallow what NATO does. In short and quite frankly, NATO is guilty of lies, war crimes and crimes against humanity.


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