Leonardo DiCaprio disturbs Islamic fundamentalists

Taliban's vice squad has arrested 22 hairdressers in Kabul for "propaganda of Western values," namely for styling youths' hair a la famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The hairstyle worn by DiCaprio in the movie “Titanic” has become immensely popular with Afghan teenagers since local underground cinemas (both cinema and VCRs are prohibited in the Taliban-run country) started screening the movie. The hairdo in question, labelled by Taliban as outrageous and not permitted by Islamic rules, eventually led to the arrest of the hapless hairdressers, news agency RIA Novosti announces. Islamic fundamentalists, who seized power in Kabul in 1996, have been since then engrossed in attempts to force their own interpretation of "pure," or rather medieval, Islam into the minds of the local population. Women, who are not permitted outdoors without a paranja and a male relative, were banned from work and education and told to occupy themselves with the household. Men, in the meantime, are not allowed to shave or wear a beard shorter than that worn by Prophet Muhammad.

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