Boris Becker blames Russian mafia for steal his sperm after closet tryst

"Bonking Boris" Becker's old nickname has come back to haunt the three-time Wimbledon champion, who will take a paternity test to determine if he fathered a Russian model's baby daughter. If you believe Becker's defence, and this may require consuming some dark liquid containing high levels of caffeine or alcohol, the Russian mafia stole his sperm to blackmail him over the child. Becker's legal team is reportedly preparing to claim that London-based Russian model Angela Ermakova injected herself with Becker's sperm after having oral sex in a broom cupboard of a London restaurant in July 1999. Becker admits to the close encounter in the cupboard and issued a statement saying: "There is a baby named Anna, and a DNA test will determine who is the mother and who is the father." The German newspaper Bild reported that after Ermakova gave birth to Anna on March 22 last year, Becker received a fax naming him as the father and demanding money in return for silence. Becker's lawyers hired a private detective company to trail Ermakova and rummage through her bins and bank details. Contents of a dirty nappy reportedly linked Becker to the child. Becker's lawyers are now said to be mounting a case to prove Ermakova has Russian mafia connections and that she could have become pregnant by injecting herself with Becker's sperm, following oral sex.

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