Heating mains and boiler-houses cannot stand Siberian frosts, over 5,000 people left without heat

Many-days’ severe frosts have caused heat supply disruptions in a number of localities in Siberia. A 2,000-populated cantonment stays without heating in the Moskovski district, Novosibirsk Region, West Siberia. More than 30% of residents have moved out to stay with friends and relations in nearby settlements. The rest have received metal stoves and a stock of firewood from army depots. The Emergency Situations Ministry sent rescue teams to the military town from neighbouring localities. Rescuers have unfrozen and are repairing the local steam pipe network, five kilometres long. Similar works are underway in Borzya town, Chita Region in East Siberia, where more than 2,500 residents have no heating at home. An emergency electric substation was installed to heat residential houses. Gas supplies to residential areas often stop in Irkutsk, provincial and industrial centre in East Siberia. Experts blame inferior-quality gas, whose humidity causes pipes to freeze, RIA Novosti reports.

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