Having lost control of an important part of northern Kosovo, the Kfor forces have been withdrawn from Leposavic and Serbian policemen have resumed control in the area. The United Nations mission ordered all its personnel out of Leposavic after a riot last weekend caused by Belgian soldiers having killed a young Serb and having critically injured another. A young British UN official said that tens of Serbian policemen, paid by the Serbian authorities, were in the region and that the situation was now under control. The UN, however, denies that control has been lost, despite its personnel being ordered out of the mission. Frank Benjaminson, a UN spokesperson, stated: “We will return them as soon as possible. We still have K-for in the area, even though you can’t see them”. If he is stating that the personnel will be returned, he is admitting that they were withdrawn. Furthermore, if they were withdrawn, it was because they lost their capability to control the area, therefore they had lost control. Finally, if they cannot be seen, they do not exist, unless they possess some secret military weapon which renders them invisible. In the south of Kosovo, the situation deteriorates with Albanian separatist guerrillas from UЗPMB (Ushtria Зlirimtare Presevлs-Medveja-Bujanovac) firing against a joint Russian and US patrol. No casualties were reported but such incidents are today the norm and not the exception in Kosovo. By setting the Albanians free in the southern Balkans, NATO has managed to tip the scales against any form of status quo in the area. What we witness today is only the tip of the iceberg compared with what we shall see in future.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey Pravda.Ru Lisbon

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