One of London’s most famous residents, prince William, is sadly missed this week as he goes to Chile for an adventure trip, helping Indian children to build cabins, as if they did not already know, and being a disk jockey on a local radio station. In his absence, another famous William, this one of the Clinton type, jetted into London for his final farewell as President before he fades away into the sunset, far from the Oval Office. Now we are waiting to see what stories appear in the book of Memoirs. He may even admit to having been drunk…once! Another famous resident of London, Madonna, has finally decided what she will wear for her wedding…a diamond tiara and cowboy boots. We imagine there will be a dress between her and her British boyfriend at least during the wedding ceremony. Madonna is a welcome exception to the rest of Hollywood, which apparently brands all British actors as “too snobbish” and so they do not get places in films. I say, this is not a case of jealousy is it? Speaking of cowboys, the London tabloid “Daily Mirror” gave newly-elected President Bush a geography lesson on its front page. After the headline congratulating the President, it showed a map with a large arrow, saying “We’re here!” The British government has been accused of many things but it certainly cannot be blamed for lack of energy. Now after measures to place curfews on young people on Britain’s streets, there are new measures to turn Britain’s children into “model citizens”. One of these involves the school children to form a circle every day and say to the person on the left “I am glad you are here”. Children are encouraged to keep journals expressing their feelings and to write essays about Diana, princess of Wales.

John Ashtead Pravda.Ru London

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