A Post of the head of a region costs $ 600,000

State Duma depute Andrew Klimov told Pravda.ru correspondent that, according to his information, “commercial value” of the post of the head of the region went up because of the laws introduces by RF President recently. The point is that now a head of any region (if he is not a member of upper chamber of Parliament) can appoint his protege for this post and, besides, can influence the course of elections of State Duma depute candidates. Andrew Klimov says that a whole industry appeared now, “one can pay money to become a head of a territory, and, consequently, obtain a place in the State Duma and, thus, control two senatorial places. In particular, in Moscow such place cost up to $ 600,000.” There are a lot of groups in RF which, using modern PR means, take part in the elections and promote their deputies. One cannot disagree with Andrew Klimov, stating that these people do not care about “wise governing the nation”, but only make money. In particular, he thinks that representatives of “May” group, led by Anfalov, tried to go in for such business in his electoral district (Komi-Perm autonomous region). Besides, Andrew Klimov did a lot to prevent violations of election laws in the district. His activity caused his personal security threats. Such “warnings” were not only addressed to him, but to other people, who stood in Anfalov’s way, too. Andrew Klimov is sure that all of these things are evidence of the fact that criminal structures go in for politics in Russia. Komi-Perm FSB department investigates the case of Anfalov’s group now. If the fact of the threats is proved, this crime will be classified as an act of terrorism towards public official. There is no need to mention that it is a very serious crime.

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