Ukrainian ultra-nationalists against Russian ambassador

Late-November, representatives of nationalist parties, social and religious organizations held picketing in Kiev of the Russian Federation’s Embassy in Ukraine. The ultra-nationalists demanded that Russian President Vladimir Putin apologize for the “many-centuries-long genocide,” and also compensate for Stalin repressions, the organized famine, vanished savings at Sberbank, and Ukrainian prisoners’ forced labour in Russia. But the picketers’ most important demand was that Russian ambassador Ivan Aboimov be removed from the “humiliated and oppressed Ukraine,” the Russian Movement of Ukraine reports. Commenting on this demand, Oleg Soskin, the leader of one of the marginal nationalist groups, reminded journalists of Mr. Aboimov’s statements made public after the Lviv incident arguing that he had “come out to defend a specially organized murder” of ultra-nationalist Ukrainian composer Bilolzir.

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