Anton Ponomarev: Primorie to be warmed before December 15

Observing the current situation in Primorye, one cannot get rid of "deja vu" feeling. Last night a visit of one more eminent guest, the head of the special commission for introducing order in the territory, Emergency Minister Sergey Shoigu began. President's Representative Konstantin Pulikovsky, vice-PM of the government Ilya Klebanov have already paid their visits to Primorye. Now the main rescue of the country personally arrived to warm the freezing inhabitants. Talking to journalists in Vladivostok Sergey Shoigu said that he had ordered to turn on central heating before December 15 in all the towns of the territory. "And it will be done", the minister stressed. We hope that this promise will be kept. But one should remember the fact that in the beginning of November the Emergency Ministry has already stated that it had taken control of the situation. But for some reason they failed to make the central heating function. Maybe the personal presence of the head of the ministry will help to defrost the steam-heat pipes?

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