Nentsov: Putin is fully aware that it's impossible to adjust the situation in Chechnya by means of weapons

Leader of the State Duma fraction "The Union of Right-Wing Forces" Boris Nemtsov expounded his ideas on political adjustment of the Chechen problems. Commenting on their exchange of views, Nemtsov noted that "the President is fully aware that it's impossible to adjust the situation by means of weapons only, and that political decisions are necessary". "A few months ago the President didn't realize it, but now there is direct evidence of progress", - Nemtsov stressed, refusing to clear up the details of the conversation, "Interfax" announce. Besides, spokesman for "the Unit of Wright-Wing Forces" fraction informed journalists that Nemtsov had suggested to begin a dialog with the Chechen authorities. The leader of the fraction also finds it necessary to appoint a representative of federal authorities in Chechnya a general-governor, and to confer him civil and military powers. Nemtsov thinks that it is imperative to recommence the activity of Chechen Parliament, elected in 1997 and to create a State Council of "formal and informal elite of the republic, taking into consideration "taip" structure of Chechen society".

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