There are no end of opinions nowadays concerning an absurd ruling of the Naro-Fominsk Court sentencing general Rokhin’s widow to 8 years in prison. This time, Pravda.ru has managed to interview Gennadi Yanayev who was USSR vice-president in 1990-1991. He has his own experience of dealing with Russian General Prosecutor’s Office having served a term on accusation of treason. Mr. Yanayev, in particular, said the following. “For me, Tamara Rokhlina standing trial is, first of all, a political case. Lev Rokhlin combated in Afghanistan, in Chechnya. He was honest and highly professional serviceman. When he refused to accept the Hero of Russia order from a vindictive Yeltsin and even tried to impeach him, he was aware of the dangerous path he stepped into. General Rokhlin fought corruption in the highest army and power echelons, fought illegal arms and oil sales to Chechnya making many enemies. The question is why, immediately after his death, a “play of manners murder” version prevailed. It means that someone is interested in a respective public attitude. Beside, the poor woman has already been punished having spent in detention under remand for a year and a half. I know by my own experience what it is like. Unfortunately, dual standards of the Russian General Procurator’s Office have stayed on from the times of Mr. Stepankov. It seems to be poised to hit evil oligarchs, but actually hurts a sick woman instead. As previously, procurator has no mercy in prosecuting someone who has stolen a stick of sausage of a sack of potatoes, while those have embezzled half of the country may be let go free. And yet, I think the Supreme Court will cancel the ruling of the Naro-Fominsk Court. I have gathered it from the lawyer that there are no evidence for her being implicated in general Rokhlin’s murder. The President has, at last, the right to pardon.

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