Alexander Golovenko: who wants “fried chicken” with soviet anthem?

A spokesman for a special deputes group for the state symbolism Oleg Utkin said that most deputes approved these symbols. But the Union of Right-Wing Forces and Yabloko claims against Alexandrov’s music. And here is a point of view of radical communists: “Using of the USSR anthem together with the “fried chicken” and Vlasov’s tricolour flag – it is not just a profanation. It insults the memory of those who was shot by Vlasov’s followers at the end of the civil war,” – said the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Russian Communist Labour Party Victor Tiulkin. “It may seem that Yeltsin’s “democracy” haven’t happened to think out any anthem during 9 years of destructive reforms. But we think that the authorities efforts to attach themselves to the great music by Alexandrov, which symbolised power and achievements of the USSR and associates with it, are aimed to ennoble current destructive policy, which hasn’t changed in a year. That’s why we against such unnatural combination<…>.

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