The State Duma:The outcome of the presidential election in the USA is not very important for Russia

The outcome of the presidential election in the USA are not very important for Russia, Dmitry Rogozin, the Duma's foreign affairs committee chief, said in an interview with RBC today. He stressed that the future of Russian-US relationships depended not so much on what kind of person was at the helm as on the foreign policies of the two countries and their readiness to develop strategic partnership. In his opinion, the newly elected US leader will be guided by the principles of real politics rather than by his campaign pledges. "In this sense, it makes no difference between Democrat Gore and Republican Bush," Rogozin added. He declined to give a forecast on which of them would win on November 7. "The presidential election in the US is an internal affair. It would be indirect evidence of Russia's dependence on the USA if we pay too much attention to the election," he said.

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