Damir Zhamaldinov: Ivanov won a diplomatic victory in Belgrade

Today Pravda.ru learned from the source in the Russian Foreign Ministry some details of Igor Ivanov's visit to Belgrade. Russia's President Vladimir Putin entrusted the Foreign Minister with a task to persuade both sides of the Yugoslavian conflict to avoid the bloodshed, the source reports. According to Putin's plan, Milosovic had to voluntarily resign power. In exchange for it Russia should guarantee the security for him and an opportunity to head the opposition. Ivanov managed the task. Thus Russia won a very important victory. First of all, the interference of Russia's authorities prevented Yugoslavia from the civil war. Secondly, due to Russia, Milosovic won't leave the arena of politics. Thirdly, the west doesn't influence the Yugoslavian situation any more as much as Russia does. And fourthly, Russia escaped involving in Yugoslavian internal conflicts and preferred diplomatic adjustment of the problem. The reaction of Bill Clinton is the evidence of Russia's victory. The American President said that Custonica's ambition to proceed with the political activity as a leader of the Socialist Party is a terrible mistake. Milosovic's voluntary renunciation of struggle became an unpleasant surprise for the White House government. Nobody expected it. As a matter of fact the expenses of US for the arrangement of the elections in Yugoslavia (77 million dollars) are not covered. It is a good thing that there is no need for the campaign of Russian ships in the Mediterranean.

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