The Kremlin finishes off the Gutserievs clan

A couple of days ago, nobody even could think that Mikhail Gutseriev, the head of Slavneft oil company, would loose his post. While now it is already the fact. At the Friday sitting, the administration of Russian-Byelorussian oil company decided on two candidacies: vice-president of Sibneft company, Yury Sukhanov, and vice-president of Rosneft company, Anatoly Baranovsky. The first candidacy was proposed by the Property Ministry, while the second one – by the Byelorussian government. Therefore, the stockholders will have a choice at the extraordinary meeting. Russian side anyway will not to be the looser: Baranovsky represents the Property Ministry’s interests to some degree as well. He belongs to Observation Council of All-Russian Bank of the Regions’ Development established namely by this Ministry. In 1992, Gennady Burbulis appointed Baranovsky deputy minister of fuel and energy, while in 1996, Baranovsky became vice-president of Rosneft company. In 1998, at the time of staff mishmash, Baranovsky was dismissed, though afterwards he returned to his post. In contrast to ex-president Mikhail Gutseriev (the Byelorussian government was against his resignation, so it is possible that his candidacy will be proposed again), Baranovsky has a good chance. Anyway, in such circumstances, a compromise will be smooth. Nobody doubts that Mikhail Gutseriev will not give up. According to an informed source, Gutseriev has already bought the main part of branch establishments of Slavneft company; not to loose this asset, he needs a complaint president. Who of the two is more suitable for Gutseriev, is a secret. Anyway, we should not wait too long: according to Slavneft company’s officials, the final decision will be taken by the stockholders’ sitting, May 13.

Dmitry Chirkin PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Vera Solovieva

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