UK turns up heat on Sharon

As it is reported that thousands are missing from Jenin, British Foreign Minister Jack Straw proposes an investigation into the Israeli actions.

Jack Straw called for the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) to allow international inspectors and NGOs in to the refugee camp to see for themselves the massive destruction which had been inflicted on the Palestinians. He accused Israel of using “disproportionate and excessive” force, claiming that Israel has “a strong case to answer”.

UN aid workers were among the first in to Jenin and the first thing they complained about was the sweet smell around them. They later discovered to their horror that this is the smell of rotting human flesh.

Houses were bulldozed with their inhabitants inside, Palestinians who had come outside with their arms in the air were summarily shot and buildings were bulldozed on top of them. Caterpillars ran over some of the bodies several times. An elderly man was shot, but managed to survive, as he went to buy some food. The bodies include old folk, women and children.

“This is a sad and disgraceful chapter in the history of the state of Israel”, said UN Middle East representative, Terje Roed-Larsen. “It is not only what you see. it is what you smell. You smell decaying corpses”.

An IDF spokesperson stated that “There has not been a massacre but it could be said that innocent civilians were among the victims”. This maybe an understatement, as it becomes clear that thousands of former inhabitants of this UN-administered camp are missing.


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