“Axis of Evil” is out of date. The new political notion from Vladimir Putin

George Bush introduced the new notion to the world political vocabulary in the beginning of the current year: “axis of evil.” This word combination implies Iran, Iraq, and North Korea – the countries, which allegedly pose the biggest threat to the whole “civilized community.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin introduced another political notion – “the curve of stability,” which should be created in the world. Putin expressed his initiative to journalists after negotiations with President of Iceland Olafur Ragnar Grimsson. It goes about the new “very perspective organization for security in the world,” which will appear within the framework of the mentioned “curve of stability,” incorporating a lot of countries. Russia’s closer cooperation with NATO countries on the one hand, and with Asian countries on the other hand (with rapidly developing China in particular) is supposed to assist in the establishment of the new organization.

Here is an important aspect: Putin said that all members of the new organization, or of “the curve of stability,” must be equal. In other words, there should not be the predominance of one particular country in the organization. Putin said: “We proceed from the necessity to strengthen the UN, the Security Council of the UN, the OSCE, realizing that these structures are supposed to keep their key role in guaranteeing the security. We have to act quickly and in a balanced way for the efficient reaction on several problems, including terrorism, and the mass destruction weapons issue.” However, you can set forth an idea, and it is ok, but the way that you are going to realize this idea – this is a completely different thing. Especially if this idea touches upon Washington’s interests – the restriction of America’s supremacy in the world.

The newspaper Kommersant wrote that the Russian president used the notion of the “curve of stability” as an opposition to the theory of the former assistant to American president for national security affairs Zbignew Bzhezinsky, who called the Asian-Pacific countries the “curve of instability.”

Sergey Stefanov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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