Is Ukrainian television Europe’s foulest?

Head of the Ukrainian national council for television and broadcasting Boris Kholod says, a monitoring center for day-and-night control over activity of TV companies is to be created. Main goal of the center is to reduce the number of erotic and violence programs and movies on TV.

In Kholod’s words, Ukrainian television is the foulest in Europe, it generates more evil than good. Moral and spiritual degradation has acquired a nation-wide scale. Probably, TV companies have to show low quality and cheap programs because of their poor financial state. The National council informs, 388 TV companies of the 717 registered in Ukraine worked at a loss in 2001. The council suggests, development o large national TV companies is to be stimulated, for this purpose high-quality TV programs are to be created.

At the time when the National council is so much concerned about problems of sex and licensing, Ukrainian journalists are anxious about quite different problems. Editor-in-chief and director general of the Kontinent broadcasting station Sergey Sholokh addressed Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma for interference with the process of Ukrainian independent media extermination. In Sholokh’s words, the process is actively supported by “a number two enemy to the press Boris Kholod” and Public Prosecutor Mikhail Potebenko, a number 20 on the lists of Ukrainian Communists.

In the address to the president Sergey Sholokh mentioned assassinations of journalists Georgy Gongadze and Igor Alexandrov and others. Nowaday’s situation with editor-in-chief of Svoboda (Liberty) Ukrainian newspaper Oleg Lyashko being in custody in Ukrainian city of Cherkassy. Sergey Sholokh thinks, the Ukrainian Office of Public Prosecutor also plans to liquidate the Kontinent radio.

Probably, Boris Kholod is partially right when he says Ukrainian television is the foulest in Europe. But television is a reflection of the society. By the way, there was no reports on detention of Svoboda editor-in-chief Oleg Lyashko on Ukrainain television. Is it “a wrong object” for attacks as picked by the National council?

Andrei Lubensky PRAVDA.Ru Ukraine

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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