Turkey will catch Bin Laden

The information, which says that special services detected Bin Laden’s location, appears almost every day. We would like to remind here that the recent operation of American commandos in Tora Bora mountains of Afghanistan also had a goal to catch the prime suspect. However, both the encircled militants and Bin Laden himself managed to escape. Americans did not lose their optimism and conducted another special operation in Pakistan, which was also over with nothing.

The Turkish intelligence decided to do something too. NTVRU.Com informed with reference to a Turkish newspaper that the special services of Turkey found the place, where Osama bin Laden was hiding. The Turkish intelligence reported that Bin Laden was in the area of Kashmir, which is currently being controlled by Pakistan. Bin Laden plans to escape to India, to Jammu & Kashmir state, if there is a threat that he can be caught. It was also informed that the Taliban spiritual leader Mullah Omar was hiding in the Afghan province of Paktia.

It also became known that the prisoners of the American base in Guantanamo confirmed that Bin Laden was in the Tora Bora region during the special operation, but he left the territory easily, going through the positions of American Afghan allies.

Anyway, this information is not surprising. Just look at the map of Afghanistan and the neighboring countries, and you will understand, that bin Laden can hardly find a better place to hide. Out-of-the-way mountains, sympathies of the local population is the best protection from American commandos.

The Turkish intelligence did not say anything new. It was believed before that Bin Laden was hiding over there. Any other intelligence of the world could say the same thing, although it is curious that the special services of different countries are trying to search for Bin Laden. The Indian intelligence is likely to join them in Kashmir, at least, just to do a bad turn to Pakistan.

Anyway, Bin Laden and his followers are experiencing hard times now, and the same is waiting for them in the future. He can curse America as much as he wants to, but he will have to spend his entire life running around in the mountains (if he is alive, of course). So, Bin Laden's choice is not big: he will either be killed, or caught.

Oleg Artyukov PRAVDA.Ru

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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